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Collect data with a mobile phone, rugged handset or with a barcode scanner.

Use rugged barcode scanners, high end mobile phones or even work with consumer grade devices. You can customise this app for a wide range of various devices. Choose the features your device can support. Professional grade customisation combined with a modern no code setup. The work environment can be a warehouse or you can use it on the go. The core idea is allowing you to collect data, validate the data and save the data while avoiding the mistakes you might get from manual entries.

The core idea is very simple. You can create you own data collection setup, collect the data and share it with various ways. To the cloud, to a local machine or something else. Sharing the data is not limited to only one method and you get to choose the one you want to use.

WhMatic is an app designed for versatile data collection purposes required by modern logistics. WhMatic is a data collection utility you can configure to suit your needs. Validate your data with WhMatic and avoid costly mistakes. WhMatic allows you to make sure your data is entered the way you want.

Exporting data you collected is easy: you can share data as csv files via bluetooth, cloud storage account, mail and various other methods


To get you started, there are pre-defined functions and you can choose more from a list. In addition to that you can define your own functionality with wide variety of settings.

You can, for example:

* Keep track of your items

* Do inventory

* Create a list of items you deliver or receive

* Manage arrivals to your event

* Keep track of item related serial numbers

* Validate with csv file based registers you may export from your ERP system

Settings include but are not limited to:

* Numeric, alphanumeric, decimals, negative numbers allowed or not

* Check if the data was already saved

* Check if the storage location was already used

* Allow or disallow editing

* Save the timestamps for each action

* Load your own list of items

* Check if the item was found from your list

* Scan QR codes and barcodes

No registration is needed, just start using! Manage your data needs without a complicated installation procedure. No server setup required, your data entries are not stored to our servers and your data stays with you.